We support technology companies that are changing the game in energy.

We provide capital, operational horsepower and engineering expertise to give life to great ideas and create unique competitive advantages.

We’ve learned first-hand.

Our strategy and approach are born out of decades of experience building and leading innovative energy companies. We know the challenges of developing and commercializing hardware and software products and services. We bring our know-how and network to every investment.

We’ve built great partnerships.

Transforming a dynamic and diverse energy system isn’t easy—and sometimes it takes more than great technology and teamwork to break through. We’ve built deep relationships with forward-thinking industrial and energy companies and visionaries to help ensure transformative solutions make it to the right customers at the right time.

WEC Energy Group
Schneider Electric

Our philosophy

The future of energy hinges on ideas and business models that are executable, resilient, efficient and secure.

We believe that:

Even big problems are best solved with simplicity and scalability.

Progressive industry insiders are best positioned to help new technologies reach their full potential.

Clean energy is cost-competitive today and will become increasingly attractive with future innovation.

Our investments

DroneDeploy is transforming how businesses collect, manage, and interpret drone data. Their user-friendly platform makes it possible for companies of any size to improve their workflows through scalable image processing, data storage, and real-time sharable drone maps and 3D models.

Volta is bringing an innovative advertising model to the EV charging world. The company is building and operating North America’s largest free electric vehicle charging network.

Nozomi Networks is a leader in real-time cybersecurity and operational visibility for industrial control systems. The company uses proprietary machine learning techniques to bring leading IT-level security to the OT environment. Industries served include utilities and energy generation, oil & gas, advanced manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. Nozomi Networks is making energy more reliable and secure.

SparkCognition is a global leader in cognitive computing analytics and has developed AI-powered asset protection software for the safety, security, and reliability of IT, OT and Industrial IoT networks. The company currently offers solutions to the energy & industrial, financial and defense industries, and their solution helps make energy more affordable, reliable and secure.

Aquilon Energy Services is a software company that helps automate bilateral power trades to improve efficiency and transparency. Its Energy Settlement Network is a web-based platform that automatically matches trades between counterparties and identifies discrepancies for manual reconciliation. Aquilon improves workflows and reduces costs for an energy trader.